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February 10-14 - Week 5 - Week 5 was a busy one!  Governor Reynolds signed her first bill of the 2020 session, supplemental appropriations for flood recovery efforts in western Iowa.  The legislature also sent the Governor the first piece in the education funding set of bills - Transportation equity.  The House and Senate are several million apart in the final school aid funding agreement.  

Governor Reynolds hit the road this week for town hall tours to promote her invest in Iowa legislation -

Iowa Caucus fallout continues, as the Iowa Democratic Chairman Troy Price will officially resign tomorrow. -

Next week is the first funnel of the session, and hundreds of bills that did not make it through the committee process will soon no longer be eligible for debate this year (They can always come back in live bills as amendments, so technically nothing is ever dead)!

The Senate debated into late Thursday afternoon and started the process for a constituional amendment with regards to what the constitutions says about abortion:

Quick hits for the week:

Medical Canibus and THC levels -


February 3-7 - Week 4: It's hard to believe the Iowa Caucuses were held on Monday as it feels like a month ago already! We are hopeful that all the issues that occurred can be worked out so Iowa can continue to lead the nation in years to come. The Caucuses were actually really well managed minus the reporting issue. The Senate conducted the first floor action of the 2020 session this week as they approved $20 million in supplemental appropriations for Homeland Security/Emergency Management for flood recovery efforts in in Western Iowa. The House will take up next week and will likely be the first bill signed by the Governor this year. 

The week was very busy with sub committee and committee meetings. Just two weeks remain for a bill to get passed out a sub and a full committee to remain alive for the remainder of the session. 

Amendments to Insulin BillHF2138 - Amendment was to remove all insulin drugs to at least one in each type of rapid-acting prescription insulin drugs, short-acting prescription insulin drugs, intermediate-acting prescription insulin drugs, or long-acting prescription insulin drugs. For information follow this link:

The following bills were released that are related to health care:

Continuity of Care - HF2089 & SSB3117 - This bill provides that during a covered person's eligibility under a health benefit plan, inclusive of any open enrollment period, a health plan carrier, health benefit plan, or utilization review organization shall not limit or exclude coverage of a prescription drug for the covered person if the covered person is medically stable on the drug as determined by the prescribing health care professional, the drug was previously approved by the health carrier for coverage for the person, and the person's prescribing health care professional has prescribed the drug for the covered person's medical condition within the previous six months. For more information follow these links: AND

Drug Transparency - HF2253 - This bill requires a manufacturer to file an annual report with the commissioner of insurance that discloses the wholesale acquisition cost for all prescription drugs manufactured by the manufacturer that were sold to a person in the state in the immediately preceding calendar year. For more information follow this link:

Civil Action - Providers - HSB596 - The bill eliminates the exception to the limitation of $250,000 that would allow the jury to determine if the imposition of such a limitation would deprive the plaintiff of just compensation for the injuries sustained. For more information follow this link:

Important news clips for the week:

January 27-31, 2020 - Week 3: Hundreds of new bills were introduced this week and Ketzner Strategies attended dozens of committee meetings. Legislators will return Tuesday for more sub committee work in advance of the upcoming first funnel deadline, February 21st. 

Governor Reynolds named her 3rd Supreme Court Justice pick this week:

She will be picking a 4th justice in March/April when current Interim Chief Justice Wiggins retires.  The Governor will name a 5th Justice before her current term expires due to Supreme Court Retirement rules. 

In other major news this week:

January 20-24, 2020 - Week 2: The Iowa Legislature gaveled in Tuesday after observing the MLK Holiday on Monday.  Even with a condensed schedule, It was a very busy week of bill introductions, sub committees, and committee meetings.  

The Iowa Caucus is in just 10 days!

News Clips:

Friday January 24th was the last day for legislators to submit bills for drafting and the first funnel deadline is February 21st. 

January 13-17, 2020 - Week 1:  Speaker Linda Upmeyer formally resigned on Monday and Speaker Pat Grassley officially took control of the Iowa House.  On Tuesday Governor Reynolds delivered her Condition of the State address. Highlights include:

Tax and Related Changes: 

  • Increase the sales tax by one cent ($540 million) to fund income tax cuts, property tax cuts and to fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. 
  • Cut income taxes by 10% and lower the highest rate to 5.5% and reduce the number of brackets to eight in 2021 and to four in 2023. 
  • Reduce property taxes by lowering the per capita county MH levy from $47.28 to $12.50 (a $77 million reduction in levies). 
  • Repeal the water excise tax and exempt diapers and feminine hygiene products from sales tax. 
  • Increase the eligibility for the Early Childhood Development and Child and Dependent Care tax credits by doubling the maximum net income amount to $90,000. 

Water Quality and Quality of Life Improvements: 

  • Scoop 3/8 of a cent of the proposed 1-cent sales tax increase to fully fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. 
  • Commit $99.5 million from the Trust for water quality and $52.3 million for conservation and recreation. 
  • Acknowledge the nutrient reduction strategy as the foundation of the state’s water quality efforts and review the Code periodically to comply with the most current evidence-based practices and policies. 

Supporting the MH System: 

  • Increase state funding for the MH system by $80 million to offset the reduced levies and to help regions and counties maintain and improve MH services. 
  • Use the state and regional partnership to more efficiently further access of Iowans to the MH system and to improve the quality of the system.

You can read all of the Governor's priority items here:

News Clips from the Governors speech:

On Wednesday, Acting Chief Justice Wiggins gave the Condition of the Judiciary -

On Thursday, Adjutant General Correll delivered the Condition of the Guard

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