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2022 Iowa Legislative Session


Week 16 – Update

We are still in a holding pattern with wrapping up session this year. 

Below are the three major bills that passed last week.  Additionally, below that are the bills the Governor signed today.

Unemployment: House File 2355 reduces the unemployment benefit period from 26 weeks to 16 weeks, and reduces the period that unemployment would be paid for someone who is laid off due to their employer going out of business from 39 weeks to 26 weeks. The Senate wanted to include a one-week waiting period before someone would be eligible to begin collecting benefits, but the House stripped the waiting period from a version of the bill it passed earlier and used a procedural motion to insist the Senate accept its version of the bill. The measure also lowers the amount of time a person can be on unemployment before they would be required to accept a lower-paying job from six weeks to one week. It passed the Senate 30-14 along party lines. Republicans suggested that reducing the number of weeks a person is paid unemployment will get people back into the workforce sooner and help close the state’s labor shortage. Democrats disagreed, calling it unfair and suggesting it will drive more people from Iowa.

Renewable Fuels: House File 2128 increases access to E15, requiring most gas stations to offer the higher biofuel blend. The Senate passed the bill on a vote of 42-3 and the House later passed an amended version of the bill 78-13. Under the bill, gas stations must sell E15 at at least one pump. Federal regulations prohibit the sale of E15 during the summer months but President Joe Biden said during a recent visit to Iowa that he would waive that restriction to help lower the cost of fuel to consumers. E15 generally costs up to a dime or more less than the more commonly sold E10 blend. Supporters of the bill said increasing access to E15 would help the state’s economy and its corn producers.

Childcare: House File 2198 amends Iowa Department of Human Service rules to allow someone as young as 16 years old to care for children unsupervised in a daycare center. Currently, a person has to be 18 to work unsupervised. The House passed the measure 52-42. The bill also raises the maximum ratio at childcare centers for 2- and 3-year olds, increasing the number of children one worker can supervise to seven 2-year-olds, up from six, and raising the number of 3-year-olds from eight to 10. Supporters said the measure would help ease labor shortages in the state’s daycare centers and increase access by adding space for children. The United Way of Central Iowa opposed the bill, saying it doesn’t make childcare more affordable, accessible or enhance quality of care.


Week 15 – Update

Gov. Reynolds signs several bills into law 

DES MOINES -- Gov. Reynolds signed the following bills into law: 

HF2380 A bill for an act relating to acreage limitationsfor the production of hemp, and including effective date provisions. 

SF2285 A bill for an act relating to requirements for additional members of a city planning and zoning commission and a board of adjustment when a city extends its zoning jurisdiction. 

SF2197 A bill for an act providing for the establishment of a task force related to special education support for students at nonpublic schools. 

SF2279 A bill for an act regarding electronic submission of bids for public improvement contracts. 

SF2288 A bill for an act relating to life insurance company or association investments in foreign countries other thanCanada, and including applicability provisions. 

SF2345 A bill for an act relating to the newborn screening. 

HF2540 A bill for an act relating to the sale of travel insurance. 

HF2167 A bill for an act relating to the definition of autism spectrum disorder for purposes of certain health care coverage, making conforming changes, and including applicability provisions. 

SF2295 A bill for an act relating to statutory corrections which may adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions, or remove ambiguities, and including retroactive applicability provisions. 

HF2463 A bill for an act relating tononsubstantive Codecorrections, and including retroactive applicability provisions. 

SF384 A bill for an act allowing counties to enter into agreements to jointly share a county assessor. 

SF2130 A bill for an act relating to schools that are required to register with the college student aid commission.

HF2124 A bill for an act relating to airport registration and site approval by the department of transportation. 

HF2341 A bill for an act relating to the transfer of ownership of certain foreign vehicles. 

SF2176 A bill for an act relating to programs within the department of natural resources, including specifications of procedures relating to solid waste disposal and the repeal of the state interagency Missouri river authority and the mercury-free recycling Act. 

SF2232 A bill for an act relating to the sale, lease, or rental of water treatment systems and including effective date and applicability provisions. 

SF2245 A bill for an act providing a personal use exemption from licensing requirements of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Act. 

HF2343 A bill for an act relating to the submission of a groundwater hazard statement. 

HF728 A bill for an act relating to noncompliance with rules adopted by a county sanitarian regarding septic tank pumping. 

SF2296 A bill for an act relating to a peace officer’s search of garbage placed outside of a person’s residence for waste collection in a publicly accessible area.

HF2367 A bill for an act relating to the Iowa drug policy coordinator and the Iowa drug policy advisory council. 

SF2128 A bill for an act relating to education, including the education of students who are not fully English proficient and the standards applicable to the hiring, developing, and evaluation of community college faculty. 

HF2481 A bill for an act relating to judicial selection, including the nominees to the court of appeals, and the appointments, resignations, and residency requirements of district judges, district associate judges, associate juvenile judges, and associate probate judges. 

HF2436 A bill for an act relating to public safety answering point cost and expense data collected from county joint 911 service boards. 

HF2501 A bill for an act relating to the investment and use of funds in theveterans trust fund.

SF2267 A bill for an act relating to the establishment of emergency response districts. 


Week 14 – Update

The Iowa Legislative Session 100 day window is supposed to close April 19th.  We are going to overtime!

The good news is both sides continue to have productive conversations and adjournment shouldn't be too far away.  

Issues such as the Governor's education reform bill, and tort reform could be thrown overboard for consideration this year.

We expect the bottle bill, and the Governor's Fuel bill to get passed this year.... more to come on all of this soon.

Here are the major news clips last week:


Week 13 – Update

The 100th day of session, April 19th is quickly approaching.  This is when lawmakers daily per diem expires. We expect a lot of movement on final bills and budgets this week so a deal can be reached and adjournment would occur around the 19th or so. 

Here are the major news clips for the week:


Week 12 – Update

The list of candidates running for office in the June primary has been set.  There were several challenges to petition signatures earlier this week, but no candidates were kicked off the ballot (litigation continues on Abby Finkenauer for Senate).  Parties can still add a candidate to races in which they have no candidate through a convention process this summer. 

This week the Iowa Senate passed a compromise bottle bill reform bill (SF 2378).  With all parties in agreement, the pressure now builds on the House to negotiate.

The Senate also passed the Governor's education proposal (SF 2369).  Like the bottle bill, it is not clear what the House will do, especially with private school scholarship provisions.

All of the budget bills have been introduced with the exception of standings. There is no agreement on the overall budget between the chambers and the Governor's Office. 

Other major items that need to be resolved include:

  • PBM Legislation 
  • Tort Reform
  • Governor's Fuel Bill
  • Unemployment Changes 

Here are the major news clips for the week:

Benefits cuts to spur jobs growth


Week 11 – Update

It was another busy week at the Iowa Cap!  

Budget work has begun -  signaling there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Six of the eight budget bills have passed the House and now go to the Senate.  There is not yet a joint agreement between the House/Senate/Governor on final budget details, but all three sides are relatively close. 

Both the Senate and House passed unemployment reform changes, however not in the same form.  The remaining difference is the Senate would like there to be a week between filing and collecting the first check to encourage folks to look for work right out of the gate. 

Here are some major news clips for the week:


Week 10 – Update

No update from this week.


Week 9 – Update

On Wednesday evening, Governor Reynolds officially announced her re-election campaign, and filed the necessary paperwork the next day.  

Work continued on dozens of largely non-controversial bills, advancing them through the legislative process before the coming 2nd funnel deadline at the end of this week (18th).

The Revenue Estimating Committee met this past week - they raised revenue estimates over the next two years to 9.17 billion and 9.16 billion.  In year three, state revenues are expected to be below 9 billion as the full tax cuts recently signed into law take full effect.  With the budget numbers now set, the legislature will begin finalizing the upcoming fiscal year, and compared to years past, the House, Senate and Governor's office are relatively close. 

Here are some major news clips for the week:

Legislature might cover solar tax credit waitlist:


Week 8 – Update

On Tuesday of last week, Governor Reynolds signed the tax cut legislation into law at LBS in Des Moines.  That evening, she delivered the GOP State of the Union Response, you can watch that here: 

Two big deadlines are coming up on Friday March 18th

  1. This is the second funnel deadline - when legislation must be out of the other chambers committee level to be kept alive for the year
  2. Additionally, it is the deadline for candidates to file for the June primary.  Governor Reynolds is expected to formally announce her intentions to run again this coming Wednesday.  Roughly 40% of the current Iowa House Democrats have announced they are retiring/not seeking re-election. 

Here are some major news clips for the week:

Former Congressman David Young to run for Iowa House:

Attached are the Board and Commission Appointment the Governor made, the following appointments are subject to Senate Confirmation.


Week 7 – Update

Yesterday it was announced Governor Reynolds is giving the Republican response to President Biden's State of the Union address on March 1st.  The Iowa legislature is now poised to pass the entire tax reform bill TOMORROW in both chambers in advance of the speech. This is a substantial move with the biggest bill of the secession.  Normally this bill would pass in April once all other items are taken care of.  It's now very possible the session gets over early in March instead of mid-April.

Update – Apparent deal cuts Iowa’s personal income tax rate to 3.9%


Tax negotiations among key Republicans at the Iowa Capitol appear to have yielded a final plan. Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver spoke with Radio Iowa after meeting with his fellow Republicans in the Senate early this morning.

“This is going to be a historic day here in the Iowa Senate and in Iowa in general,” Whitver told Radio Iowa. “We’re about to pass the largest tax cut in state history. Happy to get agreement with the governor and the House to get this done and deliver on a promise that we made for the past year, that when we have excess revenues, we’re going to continue to cut taxes.”

Whitver said the final version that likely will be making its way through the legislature today hews closely to the plan Republican Governor Kim Reynolds unveiled on January 11. It shrinks Iowa’s personal income tax rate to a single rate within four years.

“We’re going to be at 3.9%, which of the states that have an income tax will be the fourth lowest in the entire nation,” Whitver told Radio Iowa. “That’s a huge improvement from the eighth worst, which is where we started.”

The plan will erase the income tax on retirement income, and it will reduce the corporate income tax. The final deal also reduces some refundable tax credits, including the research activities tax credit that yields refund checks for some corporations.

On Tuesday night, Governor Reynolds is scheduled to deliver the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union speech. Action today on the tax plan means she’d be able to tout it in her remarks.

“Iowa has a great story over the last couple of years and we’re really excited that the governor gets to go on a national stage and explain that story and this is just part of it,” Whitver said, “but it certainly is a big part of it.”

(This is a developing story; check back for updates)


Week 6 – Update

The Iowa session concluded "funnel week" - one of its busiest weeks of the year. If a proposed piece of legislation did not pass out of its assigned committee (with the exception of W&M and Appropriations Committees), the bill is no longer eligible for consideration this year.  However, it is always possible that language from those bills could be inserted into live legislation as an amendment in the future.

Governor Reynolds signed her first piece of legislation in 2022 - HF 2316 - 2.5% school funding increase yesterday

It was also wonderful to have Insurance Day on the Hill Tuesday! 

Important News Clips:

1. Governor Reynolds signs school funding increase:

2. Iowa House passes their version of income tax reductions:

3. Reynolds touts her education proposal:,she's%20teaching%20her%20at%20home.

4. Iowa Senate releases budget targets:

5. Reynolds calls transgender sports, a fairness issue:

6. Legislation could prohibit solar fields on prime ag land: 


Week 5 – Update

Over 100 new bills were introduced this week as legislators make last minute scrambles to try and keep their priorities alive before the upcoming Thursday funnel deadline.  

The Iowa House voted along party lines for a 2.5% increase ($179 million increase/3.58 billion total) in Supplemental State Aid (school funding) on Thursday afternoon.  It is expected the Senate will take this up next week and the Governor will sign shortly thereafter.

Important News Clips:

1. House passes 2.5% school funding increase:

2. Gov Reynolds explains shift in covid strategy:

3. Bill to mandate cameras in schools dies:

4. Restricting transgender sports bill advances:

5. Renewable Fuels bill advances:

6. Bottle bill fight continues:


Week 4 – Update

Hard to believe we've already wrapped up week four of session.  We have two weeks remaining until the first funnel week deadline, where (with exceptions) a bill has to pass at the subcommittee, and committee level to stay alive for this session.

The big news this week was the Governor's E-15 fuel bill passed the House with over 80 votes. We expect there will be amendments in the Senate, but it could be one of the first bills the Governor signs this year.

In non-legislative news, the Governor announced yesterday the end of pandemic status when her current proclamation expires on the 15th:

Important News Clips:

  1. Governor says everything is on the table for this year’s tax cut bill:
  2. Unauthorized worker bill advances in Senate:
  3. Iowa schools have yet to spend $793 million in pandemic aid:
  4. Republicans advance 2.25% funding increase for Iowa public schools:

Changes to Iowa unemployment laws likely coming:


Week 3 – Update

It was another busy week at the Iowa Legislature.  The big news this week was the official release of both the Senate and the House's tax plans:

The Senate Version (SSB3044)

  • Establishes a flat 3.6% individual income tax rate and a flat 7.8% corporate rate
  • Eliminates taxes on retirement income and expand pay exemptions for Guard members
  • Give farmers an exemption for either cash rent or farm crop shares

The House Version (HSB 626)

  • Reduces individual income tax rate to a flat 4% like the Governor's plan and exempts retirement income and some income for retired farmers
  • The plan does not include the corporate tax cut that Senate Republicans and the Governor have proposed. 

The Governor's Version (HSB 551/SSB3044)

  • 4% flat tax and individual income tax cuts for retirees, farmers, employee-owners and corporate tax cuts

Over the next several weeks, these three plans will be worked out.  My guess is the Governor's plan will likely take the lead as it's more of a compromise between the House and Senate versions. 

Important News Clips:

  1. Senate GOP Plan cuts rate to 3.6%: 
  2. House Speaker says their plan is simple, sustainable:
  3. House tax cut plan similar to Governor's:
  4. More workers are coming back:
  5. House and Senate advance hands free driving bills:
  6. Lawmakers advance asset testing for assistance legislation:
  7. Governor continues push for E-15 Fuel:
  8. House proposes social media limits: 

Governor Reynolds re-election looks likely:


Week 2 – Update

The Iowa Legislature got back to work on Tuesday, hosting numerous subcommittee meetings on bills and even moved a few non-controversial bills out of full committee. In total, about 300 new bills have been introduced so far this session with more on the way.  This coming week will be very busy as it's the first full week of non-interrupted activities.  

Important News Clips:

  1. Corporate Tax Cuts could cost $300 Million:
  2. First votes on school aid increase coming next week: 
  3. Republicans pursue public assistance reform:
  4. Governor Reynolds Tax Reform Proposal hits the Wall Street Journal:
  5. MidAmerican Energy proposses massive clean energy investment:,50%20megawatts%20of%20solar%20generation. 

Mental Health reform continues:


Week 1 - Update

The second session of the 89th General Assembly is on its way!

On Tuesday, Governor Reynolds delivered her Condition of the State Address:  

Tax Cuts

Workforce Shortage

Childcare Access

Healthcare Shortages

Education Reform

Renewable Fuels Investment 

News Clips from the Governors speech:

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Susan Christensen gave the Condition of the Judiciary: 

On Thursday, Adjutant General Correll delivered the Condition of the Guard: 

Legislative Makeup

  • GOP House Majority (60 R - 40 D)
  • GOP Senate Majority 32 R - 18 D)

Dozens of bills were filed this week, and committee meetings were held for organizational purposes, the real work begins next week.  As a reminder, the State Government is closed on Monday for MLK day.  On Tuesday, the sub committee process will really begin.  

Other news:

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